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1998 – 2002 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am – Ram Air Racing Stripes

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The 1998 – 2002 Firebird is the 4th generation of this popular automobile.  Striping this car requires precut stripes for the hood and basic 12″ striping for the remainder of the car.  

Because of the hood on this model the only kit that we have for this car is the precut one.

1998 – 2002 Pontiac Firebird with Plain Non Ram Air Hood

The plain Firebird can use our precut stripe kit that is designed for the Trans Am and the Ram Air Firebird and our extended version of that kit that features a 6″ longer hood stripe (recommended).  If you use the standard Ram Air / Trans Am kit the stripes will end on the hood before the intakes.  The extended kit goes all the way to the front up to the inlets like in the picture below.  Both these kits also include 20 feet of 12″ striping for the rest of the car.  This model Firebird can also be striped with our standard cut to fit kits in 6″, 8″ or 10″ widths.  The cut to fit kits come as a 30 or 36 foot roll of striping and a plastic squeegee.  You can add pinstripes for $5 extra.

Ford Truck Racing Rally Stripes

Ford Truck Racing Lemans Racing Stripes – or

Trucks look good with wide stripes.  A 10 inch stripe kit or a 12 inch stripe kit will work well on any full size truck.  Smaller trucks can go with a 10 inch or an 8 inch stripe kit.  For trucks that want to stripe the hood, roof and tailgate a 30 foot kit is fine.  If the truck has a hard bed cover then a 36 foot kit will provide more material.  The best thing to do is measure the areas you wish to stripe and then purchase a little more material than you need.

ford truck racing stripes

The truck above used an 10 inch stripe kit and added 1/4″ pinstripes.

Mazda Miata 6″ and 8″ Racing Stripes

The Mazda Miata is a very popular car to stripe.  A striped Miata bears a slight resemblance to a Shelby Cobra. Cobra owners will not appreciate this but it is true.

The most popular size stripe for the Miata is an 8″ stripe but a 6″ stripe kit is also popular.  Pinstripes can be added to increase the width.  Because the car is not long, a 30 foot kit is normally all you need to go down both bumpers.

miata racing stripes blue

silver black miata racing stripes silver miata racing stripes silver on white miata racing stripes silver mazda miata racing stripes

blue red miata racing stripes

Lastly, some owners prefer a single 12″ stripe with pinstripes.

12" miata racing stripes

1999 – 2004 Mustang Racing Rally Stripes

This is the 2nd phase of the 4th generation of Ford Mustangs.  It should be called the 5th generation in my opinion because of the complete redesign.  Because of the design of the hood, the 1999 – 2004 Mustang can handle 6″ stripes or 8″ stripes.  For an even wider look pinstripes can be added to either kit.  Anything wider than 8 inches will run wider than the hood scoop and make the installation difficult.  GT hood cowl stripes are also perfect for this model.  You can continue the GT cowl stripes back across the hood and rear deck by using 10″ striping.  There are two hoods for this generation Mustang. One is the type below where the scoop points towards the windshield.  The other is the more common one where the scoop points towards the front of the car.  Both hold the same width stripes.

This car below has the scoop facing the front bumper.

The picture below is of 8″ stripes where they took a different color pinstripe and used it as trim.  Looks good.

The car below was striped with an 8″ x 36 foot kit with 1/4″ pinstripes.  All done by the owner.

1999 – 2004 Mustang Roush Racing Stripes

Mustang Roush Racing / Rally Stripe Kit

Our customer was quoted $650 for 8″ stripes on his Roush Mustang.  He did it himself for a little over $50.  Turned out great. 

This model Mustang looks best with an 8 inch stripe kit but also looks fine with a 6 inch kit.  We carry both kits at our online store .

Going down the bumpers with a basic 8″ x 36 foot kit simply requires a little bit of splicing and trimming where the stripe goes from horizontal to vertical on the front and rear bumper.  The adjusts for the convex curve of the bumper.

Mustang Roush Racing Stripes

2005 – 2009 Mustang Racing Lemans Stripes

The 2005 through 2009 model Mustang would be the first phase of the 5th generation of Ford Mustangs.  This was a complete redesign of the 2004 Model with the two cars bearing very little similarities.  The 2005 was a retro type Mustang.  This model was very well received by the public.  This model really needs stripes to break up the large hood.  Because of the large hood, owners have the choice to stripe the car with cut to fit 6 inch stripes, 8 inch stripes, 10 inch stripes or 12 inch stripes.

Also available is a 10″ precut stripe kit which is for owners wishing to stripe bumper to bumper.  This kit comes with precut panels for the front bumper, rear deck and rear bumper.  Everything else is done with a 20 foot roll of 10″ striping that comes with the kit. (see pictures below)

The cars below have the precut kit installed. The first two have the V6 bumper with the front tag.  Our kit must be trimmed on site to accommodate the tag area.  (simple)

The car below has the GT front bumper and trimming around the tag is not necessary.

Our 8” precut stripe kit is similar to the 10″ one but stops at the tops of the bumpers.  (see picture below.)

8 inch precut mustang stripes

The car below is striped with a standard generic cut to fit 8″ kit.  The owner did all of his own installation and trimming.