1998 – 2002 Chevrolet Camaro Racing / Rally Stripes

1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 Camaro Racing Stripes and Graphics – (available at www.vinylstripes.com or www.rallystripes.com)

The 1998 – 2002  Camaro is the second phase of what is known as the Fourth Generation Camaro with the first phase being the 1993 – 1997 model.  The hood on the 98-02 model lends itself to more types of striping in that with the exception of the S model, there are no obstructions to interfere with stripes. The Camaro at the top of this page has 10″ stripes and the Camaro below has 8″ stripes.

(Note – Our stripes consists of a self adhesive vinyl film and a peel off backing that is removed prior to application.)

You can use pretty much any width stripe you want on this car within reason. This would include 6″ stripes, 8″ stripes, 10″ stripes or 12″ stripes. (straight stripes)   We have found that the most popular widths are  8″ and 10″. People that want a main stripe and then pinstripes on the outside go with the 8″ plus pinstripes and people that want just the stripes with no pinstripes often go with the 10″.  We call these generic stripe kits because they fit almost all cars.  The kits come as a 30 or 36 foot roll of striping that you cut to fit the hood, roof and rear deck.  You can also get pinstripes that are applied after the main stripes.  The red camaro with the white stripes (above) has 10″ stripes with pinstripes.

tapered camaro racing stripesThe tapered front stripe kit is another popular kit.  This kit includes a pair of tapered hood stripes that start at around 8″ and taper to 12″ at the hood.  You also recieve 20 feet of 12″ striping that is used to stripe the roof and rear deck.  The kit comes with or without a separate roll of pinstripes.