2008 – 2013 Dodge Challenger Racing Rally Stripes

In 2008 Dodge came out with their 3rd generation of Challenger.  An excellent retro of the original line of cars.  As with all Challengers the new model is well suited for Racing Stripes.  The car almost looks incomplete without them.  The hood, roof and rear of the car can accommodate up to a 10″ racing stripe set.  (dual 10″ stripes.)  I would recommend either a 10″ kit or an 8″ kit with pinstripes. Adding pinstripes makes the stripes look wider than they really are.

Dodge Challenger Racing Stripes

Using the simple cut to fit kits at www.vinylstripes.com or www.rallystripes.com is the least expensive way to stripe the Challenger.  Simply run masking tape front to back to mark the center and then begin installing your sections.