2005 – 2009 Mustang Racing Lemans Stripes

The 2005 through 2009 model Mustang would be the first phase of the 5th generation of Ford Mustangs.  This was a complete redesign of the 2004 Model with the two cars bearing very little similarities.  The 2005 was a retro type Mustang.  This model was very well received by the public.  This model really needs stripes to break up the large hood.  Because of the large hood, owners have the choice to stripe the car with cut to fit 6 inch stripes, 8 inch stripes, 10 inch stripes or 12 inch stripes.

Also available is a 10″ precut stripe kit which is for owners wishing to stripe bumper to bumper.  This kit comes with precut panels for the front bumper, rear deck and rear bumper.  Everything else is done with a 20 foot roll of 10″ striping that comes with the kit. (see pictures below)

The cars below have the precut kit installed. The first two have the V6 bumper with the front tag.  Our kit must be trimmed on site to accommodate the tag area.  (simple)

The car below has the GT front bumper and trimming around the tag is not necessary.

Our 8” precut stripe kit is similar to the 10″ one but stops at the tops of the bumpers.  (see picture below.)

8 inch precut mustang stripes

The car below is striped with a standard generic cut to fit 8″ kit.  The owner did all of his own installation and trimming.