2008 – 2021 Dodge Challenger Tapered Racing Stripe Kits

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Dodge Challenger Tapered Racing Stripes

Of all the retro muscle cars on the market today, the 2008 – 2021 Dodge Challenger does the best job of capturing the esscense of the original. If you compare the early 70’s models to todays Challenger, you will immediately see the similarities. Dodge has done a fantastic job of modernizing a classic with all the latest bells, whistles, and powertrains.

Because these cars are so incredibly popular, owners are always looking for ways to make theirs unique. One way of really dressing up a car like the Challenger is with racing stripes and decals. We have designed two tapered racing kits for the 2008 through 2021 Dodge Challenger that are both simple and affordable. Each kit comes with two tapered hood stripes, and 20 feet of 10 inch striping for the rest of the car. The kits fit the Challenger with the hood in the picture above.

Cut from either 3m Series 50 or Oracal 651 Vinyl, our tapered Dodge Challenger racing stripe kit comes in a variety of colors and consists of two precut tapered front stripes, and 20 feet of 10 inch wide striping for the remainder of the car. The stripes are simple to install using a premixed spray bottle of soapy water, a pair of scissors or exacto, and a squeegee. As always, always start with a clean car and install the stripes out of direct sun and wind. A garage is optimal.

When installing, I always run a piece of masking tape on the car front to back as a guideline. This assures that the stripes go on nice and straight. I always install the tapered hood stripes first by peeling off the paper backing, spraying the adhesive side of the stripe, and spraying the car. (Note – Do not get the stripes wet with the paper on them) I then slide the stripes into place one at a time, and squeegee them on. A tip is to keep the top of the stripes wet while squeegeeing to avoid scratching them. Also, covering the squeegee with a soft cloth will protect them from scratches. After applying the hood stripes, cut what you need for the hood and rear deck areas from the 20 foot roll of 10 inch striping. Apply these pieces using the soapy water method and then trim the stripes at the ends. Keep striping that you are not using in a dry area to protect it.

The pictures below show what you get in our tapered striped kits.

Dodge Challenger Tapered Racing Stripes